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Technical Recruitment Specialists

We empower your business with cutting-edge IT solutions, ensuring seamless operations and robust security through expert website management, software development, and network protection, all tailored to your unique needs.

Quality Talent Acquisition

At Altec Resource Group, we pride ourselves on facilitating essential connections between businesses and top talent, with a keen focus on IT and government contracting sectors.

Located in Springfield, VA, we bring to the table our extensive experience in enabling contractors who service distinguished organizations such as the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security to secure top-tier talent that aligns with their unique needs.Our in-depth understanding of the demands of federal and private sectors, combined with a vast database of qualified candidates, ensures that we not only meet but exceed the recruitment expectations of our clients.

Departments We’ve Helped Fill Positions For


Clearances and Background Checks

Our experts will  find you highly skilled resources with the clearances you require. We have access to talent pools of candidates holding Secret, Top Secret /Sensitive Compartmented Information with Polygraph, Confidential and DHS/CBP clearances. 

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Value Delivered by Our Team



With a relentless commitment and a thorough understanding of government contracting, we work closely with your objectives, ensuring recruitments that align with project requirements and comply with contractual mandates.


We ensure a match of highly-skilled candidates to your unique project needs, fostering stability and sustained performance in your contract deliveries.


Our strategic alignment with various candidate networks and adept use of technology ensure swift and efficient sourcing of top-tier talent, improving your time-to-hire while lowering costs.


We manage the end-to-end recruitment process, negating the necessity for additional investments in training and resources, and allowing you to channel your capital into primary business functions.

Speedy Service

We value the timeliness critical to government contracts and expedite our recruitment strategies to promptly address your talent needs, safeguarding your project timelines and delivery schedules.

Immediate ROI

By ensuring placements that not only fit but enhance your project teams, we contribute directly to your operational efficiency and, consequently, profitability, safeguarding a tangible and rapid return on your investment in our services.

Discover how Altec Resource Group effectively navigated the recruitment complexities for a $50M IT company.

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The Recruitment Process



Our team devises a recruiting strategy with the client with a recruitment process that encourages communication and feedback.


Based on the position’s job description a sourcing strategy is defined. We use Monster, Dice, LinkedIn, Indeed and Stack Overflow to find the necessary talent.


We screen candidates over the phone, gauge their interest, gather information and ensure their overall profile is in-line with what’s required before pitching the opportunity.


Our recruiters schedule telephone interviews with candidates and based on the response the candidate is called for an in-person interview or skype call.


We obtain feedback from both hiring manager & candidate and communicate progress to your recruitment manager or assigned POC.


An offer is extended and reference checks conducted after which the candidate is then handed over to the client.

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