We help you unlock your sales potential and fuel growth with high-quality leads, cutting-edge tools, and an expert and scaleable SDR team tailored specifically to your business needs.

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A rounded lead nurturing approach: from MQL to SAL

Our process 

Our approach involves directing the journey of every customer and serving as a seamless addition to your in-house team. Once we have nurtured leads to the appropriate level of maturity, we transfer them to you for conversion.

Our approach

Our scalable and flexible support for business development teams ensures that you can achieve success without changing your current infrastructure. With the resources to operate at scale and deploy teams with a strong communicative skillset, we have the experience and expertise needed to convert leads.

  Our campaign

Prior to launching, we collaborate with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your product, competitors, and procedures. We establish a mutual understanding of the characteristics of a lead, and brief our teams accordingly to be adaptable and responsive.

Explore how Altec Resource Group helped a $6M company successfully achieve their Series-B Funding targets.

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Value Delivered by Our Team


Cross-selling & Upselling

Maximize your revenue potential with our expertise in cross-selling and upselling strategies. Our proven methods drive incremental revenue in a cost-efficient manner, effectively ensuring the success of your business.


We help building a pipeline through effective lead generation and qualification, and streamline our approach in line with industry best practices and tools.


Renewals can encounter obstacles and fail to progress for various reasons. Our skilled business development teams convert your renewals into a consistent and dependable source of revenue for your organization.


Discover promising leads that have interacted with your website’s marketing content and confirm their potential with our expert assistance.


Maximize the success of your in-person events by only inviting prospects that fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), all with our team’s expert assistance.

Transform your brand’s reach with Altec Resource Group, your partner in digital marketing.
We leverage strategic insights and compelling
campaigns to convert leads into measurable results.

Discover how our solutions have helped our customers grow.

Explore real-world stories of how our innovative solutions have driven growth, solved complex challenges, and delivered exceptional results across various industries. From enhancing operational efficiency to unlocking new market opportunities, see how our customers have achieved remarkable success with our tailored strategies and support.
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Delve into the newest developments, insights, and solutions in technology, marketing, and IT services. Our blog navigates the complexities and prospects of the digital era, providing expert guidance, sector updates, and actionable tips to keep you at the forefront of a constantly changing landscape.
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Altec Resource Group is a leading Sales Development Service that provides specialist, high quality outsourced business development teams for technology vendors to improve their lead nurturing and build a pipeline of qualified leads.