Private Equity Marketing Enhancement

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The client’s marketing team faced the critical challenge of meeting ambitious quarterly sales targets. Despite a comprehensive strategy focusing on customer retention, acquiring new logos, and securing renewals, they struggled to achieve the desired results. They needed to significantly enhance website traffic and streamline the customer journey to boost self-service purchases.


Altec Resource Group stepped in to revamp the client’s marketing efforts. They established a robust content marketing engine which spearheaded the creation of high-quality blog posts, webinars, white papers, and landing pages on a weekly basis. Altec’s team employed advanced analytical tools like Google Analytics and HubSpot to measure the impact of their efforts accurately.


  • Increased Website Traffic and Engagement: With Altec’s strategic content creation and regular updates, the client saw a significant increase in website traffic. The engaging and relevant content helped maintain a strong connection with current customers while attracting new prospects.
  • Enhanced Digital Marketing Efforts: Altec’s expertise was crucial in improving the website’s health by applying SEO best practices, thereby optimizing the client’s online presence. They also developed targeted landing pages to support Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns and managed Google AdWords campaigns effectively.
  • Streamlined Renewal Processes: Altec drafted and implemented strategic renewal sequences that kept customers well-informed about their upcoming renewals well in advance, ensuring smooth transitions and continuous service.


Altec’s intervention was pivotal in meeting and surpassing the quarterly sales targets for the client. Their comprehensive approach to digital marketing and customer engagement transformed the client’s strategies and not only led to improved marketing outcomes, but also instilled lasting improvements in the client’s overall marketing and sales strategies.