Renewal Marketing Optimization

Project Info

Client Large Multinational Corporation
Skills Renewal Marketing

Project Description


The client needed to enhance the effectiveness of their organization’s Central Renewals team, which is critical for maximizing customer retention and ensuring the success of renewal processes. The goal was to improve the capabilities of renewal managers during key customer interactions and seamlessly integrate nearly 40 businesses into the central renewals process.


Altec Resource Group was brought in to transform the renewal process. Altec played a crucial role by creating and refining content essential for renewal calls and emails. The team configured and managed the outreach platform, ensuring that communications were timely, consistent, and compelling. Furthermore, Altec spearheaded the development of an internal training website for renewal managers, serving as a repository for all marketing collateral and training materials. This platform featured training modules created on Brainshark, an LMS, to keep account managers well-informed and effective in their roles.


  • Enhanced Training and Support: The internal training website and resources ensured that renewal managers were well-prepared, knowledgeable about the products and services, and capable of enhancing customer interactions.
  • Streamlined Renewal Processes: Altec successfully integrated close to 40 businesses into the central renewals process, coordinating with business leadership to ensure all requirements were met and maintaining the integrity of the renewal processes.
  • Improved Customer Communication: The scripts developed by Altec for renewal calls were not just guidelines but effective tools that enabled renewal managers to engage customers successfully, addressing their needs and fostering loyalty.


Altec’s contributions were vital to the success of the Central Renewal team. Their strategic insights and practical execution across content creation, platform management, training development, and business integration significantly enhanced the team’s performance and contributed to the organization’s overall success in customer retention.