MQL Target Achievement and Resource Optimization

Project Info

Client Large SaaS Company
Skills Sales Development, Lead Generation & Nurturing

Project Description

A multi-million dollar SaaS company with an underperforming internal SDM team needed a way to meet their MQL targets. 


A multi million dollar Saas company was finding it difficult to generate MQLs for their in-house sales team and needed a solution that was both cost effective as well as scalable in order to meet quarterly sales targets.


Altec Resource Group organized a team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) that quickly became attuned to the client’s specific ICP, prospected with industry-best tools for an extensive list of leads and used various lines of communication, including cold calling/messaging, to book meetings for the client.


– The client was able to surpass their MQL targets within six months.

50% more quality leads were generated in a shorter span of time.

Scaled the SDR team from 1to 6 developers during the contract.

– Allowed the client to allocate internal resources more effectively.