Streamlined lead generation and funding success

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Project Description

A B2B SaaS company needed an SDM team to help them meet their MQL targets for Series-B funding.


A B2B SaaS company was struggling to generate quality MQLs with their internal team, with more than 50% of their current leads being disqualified for ICP upon assessment. They required a scalable and cost-effective solution to meet their quarterly MQL targets in order to progress to the next level of funding.  


Altec Resource Group assembled a team of experienced Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) who quickly grasped the software company’s specific ideal customer profile (ICP). Equipped with cutting-edge prospecting tools, the SDRs meticulously curated a vast database of leads and employed multiple communication channels, including cold calling and messaging, to secure meetings for the sales team. The team worked closely with the client’s marketing function in order to create an effective marketing campaign that would also help to finalize bookings.  


– The SaaS company surpassed their MQL targets and experienced a 50% increase in the number of high quality leads.

– The company was able to meet their requirements for Series B funding.

– A streamlined lead generation process saved significant time for their company’s internal team, allowing them to focus on other strategic initiatives.

– The company successfully scaled the SDR team from one to six developers, enabling faster results.